Blackhorn USA, LLC

Phase II Development of Shale Reserves

Blackhorn USA, LLC has recently been closed and is actively optimizing and drilling its program. Blackhorn USA II, LLC is now open for consideration.
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Blackhorn USA II, LLC

Phase III Development of Shale Reserves



An alternative direct participation opportunity that provides qualified investors with significant tax benefits, unyielding monthly cash flows with superior returns and asset appreciation.
We leverage years of industry knowledge to provide our partners with high-yield investment opportunities that enable them to diversify their investment portfolios and ensure a consistent cash flow while qualifying for substantial tax benefits.
We have consistently been working towards lowering the risks involved in oil and gas projects.
With our track record, transparency with our investor partners, and relationships in the industry we have continued to deliver some of the best energy projects with optimal returns, in a way that sets us apart from the rest of the industry.
Summary of Our Current Program

Blackhorn is currently developing blocky accumulated acreage over shale formations for robust exploitation of identified probable oil reserves. 


• Large; blocky acreage position originally accumulated by reputable oil and gas explorer; 

• Thermal maturity is contemporaneous of Bakken Shale play; 

• Target oil window conclusively identified as source rock for over 4+ BBO and 4+  TCF produced to date;

• Type-Well Estimated Ultimate Recovery (“EUR”): 370+ Mbbls; 

• Potential Undeveloped Recoverable Reserves: 74,650,000+ barrels; 

• OOIP: 18,000,000+ barrels of oil per section (primary target intervals); 

• Interval identified as thicker and more thermally mature than discovery;

• 97,000 Net Mineral Acres (no depth restrictions – multiple secondary

  pay zones);

• Multi-Well De-Risked Parent Well Drilling Program (10 Well Program);

• 100% Operated with high WI and NRI (100% WI; 85% NRI); 

• Total D&C AFE per Well: $1,064,000.00 ($10,640,000.00 Total Capital Requirement);

• Drilling success rates of greater than 90%  with numerous shallow secondary pay zones;

• 390 locations with multiple additional non-proved offset locations and first right of refusal for future programs;

• Total Projected NCF: $59,020,981;

• Projected 10% Present Value Worth: $32,428,171;

• Projected Payout: 0.39 Years;

• Projected Internal Rate of Return: >100%;

• Projected Profit to Investment Ratio: 5.49 to 1.



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